Factsheets & Videos

Fact Sheets

AMPARO Advocacy has produced several fact sheets to provide information to people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds with disability, their families and communities which includes:

  • Fact Sheet 1 – Understanding Disability in Australia (available in 39 languages)
  • Fact Sheet 2 – What is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) (available in 39 languages)
  • Fact Sheet 3 – NDIS Information for Interpreters and Translators (English)
  • Fact Sheet 4 – NDIS and Participants Rights (currently available in 12 languages with more to come)


These videos are readings of factsheets prepared by AMPARO Advocacy for people from non-English speaking backgrounds to assist them to understand disability in Australia and the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It provides information for people living in Queensland. The videos are available in Amharic, Dinka, Somali, Dari, Burmese, Karen and AUSLAN. Audio information of these topics are available in Kirundi and Rohingan. It is also available also available in conversations in Hazaragi/ English and Swahili/English.

Information on understanding NDIS and Participants rights is available in Hazaragi and Rohingan as audio only.


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