Queensland Independent Disability Advocacy Network (QIDAN)

The Queensland Independent Disability Advocacy Network (QIDAN)protects and promotes independent advocacy to uphold the rights, needs and well being of people with disability, ensuring a socially just, accessible and inclusive community.

The Queensland Disability Advocacy sectors has a long and proud history of working together to achieve positive change for people with disability.  The Queensland Independent Disability Advocacy Network acknowledges the work the disability advocacy sector including the Combined Advocacy Groups of Queensland (CAGQ) has done for disability advocacy in Queensland. CAGQ has been advocating for the needs of advocacy organisations and people with disability alike since 1992 and has been integral in ensuring disability advocacy continues to be funded. QIDAN will continue to support and advance disability advocacy and disability issues similar to the way CAGQ has for many years.


Systemic advocacy: To take coordinated action to address systemic issues experienced by people with disability.

Member support: To provide a collaborative space for the exchange of information, resources and issues affecting disability advocacy organisations

Sector advocacy: To promote the importance and value of independent disability advocacy on a local, state and national basis


  • Informed by people with disability and human rights
  • Being independent
  • Respectful of the land we work on and its traditional owners
  • Empowering people with disability
  • Accountability and act with integrity
  • Lead and strengthen through collaboration and collective action
  • Committed to intersectional responses

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