NDIS – Community Radio Interviews

Community radio programs about the NDIS in Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin

These programs were aired on 4EB Brisbane between December 2017 and April 2018. They were developed collaboratively with assistance from AMPARO Advocacy’s bicultural community educators and 4EB program co-ordinator/presenters as a part of AMPARO Advocacy’s Participant Readiness Initiative work, which was funded by the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors.

To access these programs click on the play button below.


Presenters Dina Hanhan and Alex Makarem interview AMPARO Advocacy’s bicultural community educator Ruba Halaseh.

There are nine parts to these interviews.

Arabic 4EB NDIS Part 1 Information about AMPARO Advocacy

Arabic 4EB NDIS Part 2 Understanding disability in Australia

Arabic 4EB NDIS Part 3 What is the NDIS and how to make contact

Arabic 4EB NDIS Part 4 What is the NDIS eligibility?

Arabic 4EB NDIS Part 5 What services are provided through NDIS?

Arabic 4EB NDIS Part 6 Why the NDIS is important?

Arabic 4EB NDIS Part 7 Service providers and NDIS

Arabic 4EB NDIS Part 8 Eligibility and types of supports

Arabic 4EB NDIS Part 9 Questions and answers



Presenter Claudia Diaz Amayo interviews AMPARO Advocacy’s bicultural community educator Luis Sanchez.

There are three parts to these interviews.

Spanish 4EB NDIS Part 1- Provides a broad overview of the NDIS, the rights of people with disability, the importance of culturally appropriate support, and provides information about Amparo Advocacy.

Spanish 4EB NDIS Part 2- Gives further details about the NDIS and provides information about types of disability,

Spanish 4EB NDIS Part 3- Provides further details about the NDIS including the application process and documentation required, ways you can prepare, and the roll out dates for South East Queensland.


Presenter Elsa Shuay interviews AMPARO Advocacy’s bicultural community educator Zhen Guan. This is a one hour interview interspersed with music.

Chinese (Mandarin) 4EB NDIS radio program


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