Creating Good Lives: People with Disabilities Can: 31 July 2021 – Facilitated by Jane Sherwin

People with disability are often told by their community what they can’t do. This workshop for emerging leaders explored what people with disability CAN do. We want to raise expectations for people with disability, look at practical ways people with disability can achieve valued roles and live valued lives in family and community life.

Firstly, we explored what people are up against, such as the negative life patterns and the devaluation that often occurs in society. We then focused on the importance of mindsets that encourage people to dream big and have high expectations and positive vision for their life. We learnt the importance of helping people to connect with ‘valued’ others in their community and strengthen positive roles such as partner, friend, worker, volunteer and to build skills in these roles. Emerging leaders participated and contributed fully. They brought different stories and perspectives from their culture regarding how people are both valued and devalued.

A follow up Zoom session helped participants consider and share learnings and insights from the training and identified strategies for how we can change the attitudes of people who have low expectations of what people with disability can do. This is important for emerging leaders to be able to represent the values of AMPARO at events and consultations as well as improve the expectations that communities and families have of people with disability.

Strategies included:

  • Be a role model yourself of what people CAN do.
  • Share your stories of what you have done, despite challenges and difficulties
  • Respectfully challenge people who express negative views or beliefs
  • Hold the vision of a good life for all people with disability
  • Advocate and show people what is possible for people with disability
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