The Importance of Independent Advocacy

Emerging leaders attended a Zoom session to learn more about independent social advocacy and the principles and elements of this work. This session was to build on a previous workshop held in February 2020.

“In our communities there is a cultural barrier, people from Africa, we have a fear of shame. We fear speaking up. We fear for our families. A language barrier exists. We come from war torn countries, we don’t usually understand the concept of advocacy”.

People engaged well with the discussion of the fundamentals of advocacy and identified issues affecting them and their community. Understanding independent social advocacy is a long-term learning process for us all!

Emerging leaders also had an opportunity to join the Stand With Us campaign and support the call for ongoing state funding for independent advocacy, by attending a Rally outside parliament House in March.

AMPARO Governance events

Emerging leaders have become more involved in different AMPARO governance activities. Some have attended our bi yearly AMPARO reflections evenings where staff present current advocacy situations for the committee to reflect on. Others attended Management Committee meetings to gain more understanding of how the organisation is run. Emerging leaders also contributed significantly to the development of AMPARO’s Strategic Plan 2020-2023.

AMPARO would like to thank those members and emerging leaders who have participated in the organisational capacity project in different capacities throughout the past year.

  • Andres Angoles
  • Mohammad Salmani
  • James Nono (now Management Committee member)
  • Sean Gomes (now Management Committee member)
  • Sahal Hassan Omar
  • Rosette Pendo
  • Masoumeh Ahmadi
  • Thao Thanh Thi Pham
  • Bich Nguyen
  • Francoise Mukamtwari
  • Nyrop Mayot
  • Julian Savva

In 2022, our final year of funding, we hope to build more opportunities for people to take on leadership roles, share their stories and represent AMPARO at different events and consultations.

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