Queensland Accessing Interpreters Working Group (QAIWG): QAIWG is made up of community organisations and peak bodies advocating for the provision of high quality language services and equitable access to culturally responsive services in  Queensland since 2008. The Queensland Council of Social Services (QCOSS) continues to provide support to convene the working group with the current Multicultural Policy Officer Kamil Shah providing excellent support to the working group.

QAIWG hopes the information presented in the following reports “A Matter of Interpretation” and “Still a Matter of Interpretation” provides strong evidence of the need for high quality accredited interpreting and translating services, that are supported by culturally competent service delivery in Queensland.

A Matter of Interpretation – December 2008

Still a Matter of Interpretation – October 2012


Working Effectively with Certified Interpreters


QCOSS in conjunction with the QAIWG, hosted a webinar to assist organisations to access and work with interpreters for clients with difficulty communicating in English.  This webinar can be accessed via QCOSS Community Door.  


Policy and Guideline Template

QAIWG developed a template policy and guidelines on engaging and working with interpreters to provide best practice model how human services can best support access to credentialed interpreters for their clients. These templates provide valuable assistance to organisations to support access to interpreters for clients with difficulty communicating in English. These documents are can be accessed via QCOSS Community Door