People who come from a culturally and linguistically diverse background with disability frequently encounter significant additional barriers to having their needs met. Through our advocacy work with individuals we become aware of additional barriers which restrict people’s access to important information and services and limit their ability to fully participate and be included in family and community life.

These key systemic issues are taken up in wider forums with governments, services and communities to influence positive sustainable changes to attitudes, policies, practices, and resources to support people from a non-English speaking background with disability. AMPARO Advocacy provides responses to State and Federal government legislation, policies and practices to highlight the needs and concerns of Queenslanders from a culturally and linguistically diverse background with disability.  This role assists government and community to understand the specific challenges and issues faced by this group and to explore ways of addressing these challenges.

A small number of state-wide systemic priorities, informed by our work with individuals, are identified each year as part of the management committee’s annual planning process. AMPARO Advocacy continues to advocate for many of the recommendations in Language and Culture Matter: Remove the Barriers Now to be implemented.