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Position Papers

THE NDIS and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities: Aiming high for equitable access in Queensland, 2016

AMPARO launched this report at the Griffith University Symposium held on 11 October 2016.

The report aims to highlight longstanding disadvantage and additional barriers that have contributed to ‘decades’ of lower levels of participation in specialist disability services by people from CALD backgrounds with disability. It makes 25 recommendations seeking to inform the development of social policy, strategies and practices that will support equitable access and participation in the NDIS.

Click here to download the report (pdf)


Language and Culture matter: REMOVE THE BARRIERS NOW, 2007

Addressing the needs of people from a non-English speaking background who have a disability

The intention of this paper is to provide information and recommendations to assist government and community organisations to reexamine the way in which they work with people from a non-English speaking background who have a disability and their family members so that additional barriers and issues of discrimination can be addressed.

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Click here to download the launch speech by Susan Booth, Anti Discrimination Commissioner Queensland


Joint Publications with Allies

Queensland Accessing Interpreters Working Group

The case for access to high quality accredited interpreting and translating services and cultural competence in Queensland services working with culturally and linguistically diverse people

A Matter of Interpretation – December 2008 (pdf)

Still A Matter of Interpretation – October 2012 (pdf)

Research Papers

AMPARO Advocacy was very excited to be approached by the School of Public Health and Social Work at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2013 to participate in a research project: An exploration of the barriers to services and inclusion of refugees living with disability.

“Disadvantage and disability: Experiences of people from refugee backgrounds with disability living in Australia”

This paper reports on a small study undertaken as a first step in building knowledge and regarding the lived experience of the nexus between refugee background and disability.

Download the full paper here

“Restrictive practices on refugees in Australia with intellectual  disability and challenging behaviours: a family’s story.”

The purpose of this paper is to explore the experiences of a refugee family navigating complex disability and restrictive practice service system.

Download the full paper here

Important Publications

Barriers and Exclusions: The Support Needs of Newly Arrived Refugees with a Disability

Due to experiences of conflict, torture and displacement, people from refugee backgrounds are more likely to have a disability than other populations. This report makes a number of recommendations to address the existing barriers and challenges for people from a refugee background with a disability.

Disability Report: Barriers and Exclusions

Annual Reports

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