AMPARO’S Multicultural Engagement Project

Engaging with diverse communities is an important aspect of AMPARO Advocacy’s work.

People with disability who have limited or no English language skills and who come from diverse cultural backgrounds frequently encounter significant additional barriers to having their needs met. Through our direct advocacy work with individuals we become aware of additional barriers which restrict people’s access to important information and services and limit their ability to fully participate and be included in family and community life.

Engaging with diverse communities, and activities this includes, assists us to better understand the specific challenges and issues that people with disability and their families from culturally and linguistically diverse communities experience on a daily basis.

This work provides a sound basis for the education, awareness raising and systemic advocacy we undertake to influence positive sustainable changes to attitudes, policies, practices and resources within governments and communities.

National Disability Insurance Scheme

AMPARO Advocacy strongly supports inclusive, flexible and culturally appropriate engagement initiatives that will strengthen and increase the participation rates of people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

AMPARO Advocacy has promoted the need to build the capacity of people with disability and their families from CALD communities so they can fully engage and participate in the NDIS as it is rolled out across Queensland. We have also advocated for targeted communication and engagement strategies to be employed by agencies funded to prepare Queenslanders with disability and their families to ensure they understand and are ready for the opportunities the NDIS will provide.

Multicultural Community Engagement Projects(NDIS)

AMPARO Advocacy is funded by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability to raise awareness about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities so that people with disability and their families are able to understand and get ready for the NDIS.  This work is undertaken through two projects, NDIS Participant Readiness Initiative (PRI), and Targeted Strategies.

We are providing this in targeted areas in Queensland through-

  • Holding Information sessions /workshops for CALD communities about the NDIS in their first language
  • Creating resources and translated materials to assist CALD communities prepare for the NDIS
  • Informing community organisations, multicultural workers, settlement workers and community leaders about the NDIS so they can spread the word.
  • Providing face to face information sessions (Brisbane, Redlands and Logan) for individuals with disability and their families in their homes with either a Bicultural Community Educator or the assistance of an accredited interpreter.
  • Informing people with disability and families from CALD communities about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • Encouraging disability services to work in ways that are inclusive of CALD individuals and their families
  • Gathering information and research so we understand what will best help CALD communities to learn about the NDIS.
  • Raising awareness within government and community agencies  of the importance of developing  culturally inclusive strategies and ways of working with CALD communities
  • Helping CALD communities to learn about the rights of people with disability, and their right to a good life.

If you would like us to hold an information session or come to your home to speak about the NDIS, or if you have any questions, please contact the Multicultural Engagement Project Workers Lalita or Jo on 3354 4900.  This work is currently funded until 30 June 2018.

To download a list of the ethnicities and languages of our Bicultural Community Educators click here

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Culturally appropriate, responsive and flexible processes that support the effective engagement of people from CALD backgrounds with disability and their families is central to our program.

This approach is informed by:

  • AMPARO’s extensive experience in providing individual and systemic advocacy on behalf of and with vulnerable people from CALD backgrounds with disability.
  • Targeted engagement by AMPARO in 2011 with Burundi, Afghan, Iraqi and Karen communities; and in 2016 with South Sudanese, Burmese, Rwandan/Congolese and Somali communities
  • Lessons learnt from a joint research project undertaken in 2015 with QUT, “An exploration of the barriers to service and inclusion of refugees living with disability”.
  • Two and a half years work delivering participant readiness activities including in partnership with Community Resource Unit (CRU), Queensland Disability Network (QDN) and Mamre.
  • Important learnings from similarly focused CALD NDIS engagement projects in NSW and Victoria.

To inform our work we-

  • Determine the communication and engagement needs of the diverse communities that will be engaged throughout this project
  • Identify strategies and available resources from the NDIS launch sites and other PRI organisations that could contribute to the work of the Project
  • Develop a greater understanding of the NDIS in relation to CALD by meeting with members Queensland’s NDIS team, researching, visiting and/or phone interviewing of multicultural workers who are working with CALD in preparation for the NDIS and/or in launch sites in NSW and Victoria and in other states where identified.
  • Network with other PRI organisations and share resources, information and expertise.

Translated materials

AMPARO has developed two factsheets which have been translated into 33 languages.

Factsheet 1- What is the NDIS?  and
Factsheet 2- Understanding Disability in Australia.

To view the Fact Sheets click here

Audio visual translations

AMPARO has developed 8 audio visual translations of these 2 factsheets in eight community languages- Dinka, Amharic, Kirundi, Somali, Dari, Burmese, Karen, as well as in AUSLAN.  These videos can be accessed from our website-   To view the videos click here

 Digital Stories

AMPARO has created three digital stories of individuals with disability or their families from Vietnamese, Burundi and Iranian background. These families speak in their own languages of their experiences of disability and the supports they need.

To view the videos click here



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