AMPARO Advocacy sits on several advisory groups.

Queensland Transition Advisory Group (QTAG)

Membership of this advisory group enables AMPARO Advocacy to provide advice and feedback on strategies, projects and approaches that are necessary to prepare Queenslanders for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). AMPARO continued its membership of this group in order to highlight the specific challenges and issues that people from CALD backgrounds with disability experience and to influence the development of targeted strategies to address longstanding disadvantage.

Through our involvement in this group AMPARO promotes the need for more to be done to build the capacity of Queenslanders with disability from CALD backgrounds to understand the opportunities that the NDIS will provide and how to best take advantage of these. We advocated for an increased commitment from the Queensland Government to resource additional work to help prepare CALD communities for the introduction of the NDIS across Queensland including the need to:

• Build the capacity of CALD communities to understand the needs and rights of people with disability so diverse communities are more inclusive;
• Raise expectations for a ‘good life’ and what that could look like for people with disability and their families;
• De-stigmatize issues of disability in CALD communities;
• Inform people about the availability of mainstream and disability specific services;
• Undertake intensive preplanning with people with disability and their families from CALD communities;
• Link vulnerable people with disability from CALD backgrounds to appropriate mainstream and disability specific services including the NDIS.